Survival Kits from SOLKOA Survival Systems

At 5col Survival Supply, we resisted stocking pre-assembled survival kits for a long time. Most off-the-shelf survival kits contain junk-level component thats can't be relied on to help a person manage an emergency. They give the illusion of preparedness. Part of the reason I got in this business was the dearth of so-called survival products out there that are just utter garbage, and I feel like many off-the-shelf kits are full of that stuff. My goal for our company is to carry simple, reliable, high-quality products (hopefully made in the USA). And our philosophy has always been that we'll sell the components and our customers will assemble the kits.

We started carrying SUMA Containers from SOLKOA Survival Systems earlier this year. I'm happy with the quality of these containers and the expertise that went into their design. I met the SOLKOA team at SHOT Show in January. They're the real deal, and the quality of their products reflects their knowledge and experience.

Earlier this month I decided to bring in the first off-the-shelf survival kits we've ever added to our regular line. These kits come from SOLKOA Survival Systems. The kits contain quality items that are often manufactured in the United States. The kits are assembled in Colorado. Because they contain real tools you can actually use to stay alive (think brands like Leatherman and Platypus), they're pricey. (This has always been a struggle for us; for some reason "survival" is synonymous with "cheap" in many people's minds.)

SOLKOA Survival Systems approaches kits three ways.
-Comprehensive Kits: These kits are designed as comprehensive solutions. Any survival kit will need to be tailored to activity and biome, but these kits cover all the basics.
-Activity/Biome Specific Comprehensive Kits: These kits are tailored for specific activities/biomes. The first of these tailored kits is the Hunter/Mountain kit.
-Modules: These are designed to address a specific survival function like food, water, or shelter. The idea is that people can use these SOLKOA modules as a starting point in building comprehensive activity/biome specific kits of their own.

I'm excited about SOLKOA's products. Putting gear like this in the hands of folks who need it is the business I want to be in. We recognize that BCUSA members are largely Do-It-Yourselfers when it comes to survival kits (as are we, obviously), but for some folks these kits will be a slam dunk.

You can find this gear on our site here:

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