FSE Robline Dyneema 1mm Braided Whipping Twine

1/32" (1mm) Dyneema Whipping Twine
Dyneema is a high-strength fiber used for applications like body armor, sail construction and repair, cut resistant gloves, etc.  Whipping twine is used by sailmakers to splice and mend lines and repair sails.  It's a naturally slick material, making sewing a snap.  This twine is also great for repair of heavy duty canvas and nylon gear (backpacks, load-bearing equipment, tarps and covers).  It can even be used as an emergency fishing line. 
  • Braided line (not twisted)
  • 164' (50m) length
  • 1/32" (1mm) thickness (fits most sailmaker's needles)
  • High Break Strength of approximately 200 lbs
  • Naturally slick Dyneema prevents binding when sewing thick material

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