Coghlan's LED Hand-Crank Dynamo Flashlights - TWO (1 RED & 1 YELLOW)

This is an LED flashlight that recharges using a little hand-crank.  1 minute of cranking gives 30 minutes of bright light! 
-1 minute of cranking provides 30 minutes of light
-No batteries to replace
-Ultralight (less than 1.5oz)
-Compact (approx 1"x1-3/4")
-Includes chain w/ clip so that you can attach to your keychain, pack, or belt-loop
From the packaging:
The perfect camper's flashlight.
-Compact and durable, ideal for backpacks, gear bags or glove compartments
-Just wind handle to charge, no batteries to replace
-1 minute of winding will produce 30 minutes of bright light (fast winding works best)
-2 super bright LED bulbs provide plenty of light

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