5col Gizzard Shad Gill Net, 6' x 50'

The Gizzard Shad Gill Net was originally designed for catching gizzard shad for use as bait fish.  However, it is an ideal net for catching pan fish in emergency situations.  Its size makes it a good fit for your homestead or vehicle, but is too bulky for most backpack scenarios (see our Backpacker Gill Net for an ultra-compact version).  In a survival situation, a gill net can greatly improve your chances of procuring food, while reducing the effort required.  Check your local fishing regulations before using.


  • 2 inch square #6 Monofilament mesh sized to catch many types of pan fish
  • 50 foot length x 6 foot depth for streams, bayous, and small rivers
  • Floating top rope and lead core bottom rope help keep the net fully deployed
  • Made in the USA for 5col by Catahoula Manufacturing, Inc.

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