Coghlan's Emergency Germicidal Iodine Drinking Water Treatment/Purification Tablets

These tablets are effective against Giardia and Cholera, and are a must-have (and potential life-saver) for outdoorsmen and international travelers.  These tablets are intended for emergency disinfection of drinking water.  When used as directed, they make water bacteriologically suitable for drinking.
  • Each tablet contains 6.68% Titratable Iodine.  Does not contain chlorine.
  • 50 Tablets per box
  • Total pack weight: 2 oz.
  • Effective against Cysts and Bacteria, including Giardia Lamblia and Vibrio Cholera
  • One pack provides enough tablets to treat 25 quarts (23.6L).  
  • Not to be used on a continuous basis.  For short term or limited emergency use only.  
Add 2 tablets to 1 quart of water and cap loosely to allow a small amount of leakage.  Wait 5 minutes.  Shake container to allow screw threads on the closure to be moistened, then tighten cap.  Wait 30 minutes before drinking.

This item is brand new, and sealed in its original retail packaging.

Collections: Water, Water Treatment

Category: Treatment

Type: Food and Water

Vendor: Coghlan's

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