Coghlan's Hexamine Solid Fuel Tablets

Hexamine tablets are compact solid fuel tablets that fit into any survival kit and burn for 9 minutes straight.  Coghlan's Hexamine tablets are similar to the Esbit fuel tabs or Trioxane bars some vets may remember.  One hexamine tablet is perfect for a cup of soup or coffee.  More importantly, a hexamine tablet easily starts your campfire or charcoal grill, even in bad weather.
  • Each Hexamine tablet is 7/8" diameter x 1/2" thick and weighs 0.2 oz.
  • For use in solid fuel stoves and as fire and barbecue starters.  
  • These tablets are made of Hexamine, a safe clean burning fuel which is easy to ignite and smokeless.
  • One tablet will burn 9 minutes.  
  • Burning multiple tablets will increase the heat and decrease cooking time and/or counter the effects of wind.

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