Epiphany Outdoor Gear Weatherproof Fire Starting Kit

This all-weather fire starting kit includes a fire steel and striker, 8 Baddest Bee Fire Fuses, and the V3 Pocket Bellows. In other words, it's an ignition source, tinder, and a super-effective way to supply oxygen to your fire, all in one compact bundle. In the right hands, this combination can build a rolling fire in minutes, even in wet conditions.
  • Start Rolling Fires with Wet or Dry Firewood In Moments
  • Gives Distance / Keeps Your Face Away from the Fire when Adding Oxygen
  • Pocket Bellows Compresses & Pin-Point Focuses Oxygen Directly Into a Fire
  • Use It At Home For Your Fireplace, Firepits, or BBQ's
  • Firesteel is Ferrocerium Magnesium Striking Tool
  • Kit Weighs Less Than 3 oz
  • Extends to 20", Collapses to 3.5"
  • Includes V3 Pocket Bellows, Firesteel with Striker, 8 Baddest Bee Fire Fuses, Storage Tube, and Instructions
  • Made in the USA
  • Baddest Bee Fire Fuses are Compressed, Treated Cotton tinder tabs that easily take a spark to get your fire going

Collections: Fire Kits, Kits

Category: Fire, Fire Starters

Type: Kits

Vendor: Epiphany Outdoor Gear

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