Titanium Stove - Esbit

Esbit's Titanium Stoves are perfect for ultralight backpackers, car survival kits, and bugout bags.  This is a three-prong folding stove made of light-weight titanium, and designed to burn Hexamine solid fuel tablets like those available from Coghlan's or Esbit.  This stove is the right size to melt some snow, boil some water, make some coffee, etc.  When not in use, the stove folds closed and stores in the included pocket-sized mesh bag.

  • Ultralight - weighs just 0.4 oz or 11.5 g
  • Strong Titanium Construction
  • 3-prong design means it CANNOT WOBBLE
  • 3.3" high x 1.1" thick when closed
  • Unlike most camping stoves, Esbit's Titanium Stove requires no liquid, priming, wicks, or pressure.
  • Accommodates most camp cookware.

Please note: Solid Fuel is sold separately on our site and is not included with this stove.

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