Hill People Gear 1 qt. Bottle Holster

Hill People Gear's 1 qt. Bottle Holster is a slim and trim insulated water bottle holder. It mounts directly to PALS grids, belts, straps, etc. with an integrated mounting system that is lightweight and offers "sewn on" performance.


  • Sized for use with the GI 1qt canteen size. This is the best shape for carrying a quart of water bar none. Nalgene produces a very nice canteen to the same dimensions called the Oasis.
  • Will not fit a standard 1qt nalgene.
  • Will not fit a canteen cup
  • 3oz weight
  • Bungy retainer
  • Takes 3 channels and 2 rows
  • Perfect for mounting on your waist belt, or the bottom sides of your pack
  • Can serve as a "wand pocket" for packs that don't have them

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