Micro Inox Carabiner - AustriAlpin

AustriAlpin's Micro Inox Carabiner packs a ton of capability into just 5 oz! This 3-way Autolocking load-bearing device is suitable for climbing and safety applications.  It can also be used to hold cordage and secure gear.  The Micro Inox Carabiner is compact enough to fit PALS grids and belt loops for EDC. 


  • Black cataphoratic finish for low visibility.
  • Minimum breaking load of 34 kN end-to-end with gate closed, 12 kN side-to-side with gate open, and 13 kN end-to-end with gate open.
  • Three-way autolocking gate prevents accidental opening and allows easy, positive closure.
  • Conforms to EN-12275 and EN-362 Class B standards.
  • Inox stainless steel construction provides excellent corrosion resistance.

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