Military 225 Paracord: MIL-C-5040h & PIA-C-5040 Type IIA

5col Survival Supply offers Genuine Military Grade Nylon Parachute Cord in a variety of colors and lengths.  Type IIA parachute cord is used by the military in non-personnel parachute rigging, and is actually the same type used as the outer sleeve on Type III and Type IV.  Type IIA cord does not have core strands.  The marker strand for Type IIA paracord is woven into the actual braid.
  • Sold in 100' Lengths
  • Minimum Break Strength:  225 lbs
  • Elongation (percent), minimum: 30%
  • Length per pound of cord: 495'
  • UV and Mildew Resistant
  • Suitable for use with non-personnel Parachutes
  • Conforms to military specifications MIL-C-5040H and PIA-C-5040
  • Marker Strand: Green
  • No core strands in this paracord type

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