Survival Kit Pro Module: Signal - SOLKOA Survival Systems

Whether you're an injured hiker or a downed pilot, signalling rescuers is critical in a survival scenario.  SOLKOA's Signal Pro Module provides multiple tools to audibly and/or visibly attract help.  The kit can augment your existing survival kit, or can be used as a standalone signal kit.


  • Signal Mirror with Retro-Reflective Sighting
  • Pealess Rescue Whistle, SOLAS compliant, 100+ db
  • Petzl e+lite LED Headlamp, White/Red
  • Cyalume Visi-Pad Chemlight, 10+ hr, Yellow-Green
  • Signal Panel/Bag, 3-mil, Blaze Orange
  • Flagging Tape, Hi-Vis Orange, (6')
  • Nylon Utility Cord, Type 1, 95 lbs test, (10')
  • Stormproof Matches with Striker Panel, 10-pack
  • Water-resistant Note Paper (5)
  • Grease Pencil, Black
  • Nylon Stuff Sack

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