Romer Scale Card with Accessory Pack - SOLKOA Survival Systems

Romer Scales are helpful tools that allow you to more accurately read your grid reference on a map. SOLKOA's Romer Scale is credit-card sized transparent plastic printed with seven different scales, a millimeter ruler, and a tool for estimating magnetic declination. Also included are a 4x credit-card sized fresnel magnifier lens, waterproof paper, and a pencil.


  • Credit-card sized tools fit in your pocket for discreet carry.
  • The combined weight for all components is less than 1 oz.
  • Romer Scale Card has the following scales: 1:2400, 1: 24000, 1:2500, 1:25000, 1:250000, 1:50000, 1:100000.
  • Made in the USA

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