Survival Kit Pro Module: Food - SOLKOA Survival Systems

In longer duration survival scenarios, food can become a pressing need.  SOLKOA's Food Pro Module contains the food and food gathering components you need to bridge the calorie gap between food you brought and food you caught. This Pro Module makes a great addition to your existing survival kit or bugout bag, or can be carried by itself with the included stuff sack.


  • Food Bar, 400 cal.
  • Seasoning Pack (2)
  • CRKT Eat' N Tool
  • Locking Wire Snare, 1/16" Cable, 400 lb. test
  • Snare Wire, 28 ga., 20 ft.
  • Speedhook, Fishing Snare
  • Aluminum Foil Pan, Cooking, 12 fl. oz. capacity
  • Compact Fishing Kit
  • Folding Razor Blade
  • Can Opener, P-38
  • Aluminum Foil, Heavy Duty, 18 in. x 18 in.
  • Matches, Stormproof (10)
  • Kevlar Line, 180 lbs Test, 15 ft. (2)
  • Nylon Stuff Sack

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