Coghlan's Folding Emergency Stove + 24 Hexamine Fuel Tablets

This pocket stove is designed to burn Hexamine solid fuel tablets, and includes 24 of them.  Similar in design to the Esbit Folding Stove, this stove has two open positions.  One is suitable for use with pots and pans, the other is the right size for a Sierra Cup.

Coghlan's stoves are perfect for ultralight backpackers, car survival kits, bugout bags, and on and on.  They're the right size to melt some snow, boil some water, make some coffee, etc.  When not in use, the stove folds closed, with enough space to store your hexamine solid fuel tablets.

  • Two open positions
  • Light, strong, and compact
  • No liquid, no priming, no wicks, and no pressure
  • Accommodates most camp cookware
  • One tablet burns 9 minutes
  • Use multiple tablets to increase heat or offset windy conditions
  • Burns Coghlan's No. 9565 Fuel (check out our other listings for fuel tablets!) or other solid fuels like Trioxane and Sterno

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