Collection: Cordage

Tarred Braided Bank Line is manufactured by Catahoula Manufacturing for ultimate grip and resistance for the toughest survival situations.
The 1/2 lb roll contains 132 ft of line and is designed for resistance against rot, growths, and various corrosive materials.
#60 Tarred Braided Bank Line, 132 ft. - 5col Survival Supply
Tarred braided AA Seine twine (Bank Line), size 12, 5col Survival Supply brand.
A 0.5 pound spool of 5col Survival Supply #12 Braided Bank Line holds approximately 656 ft. of twine.
#12 Tarred Braided Bank Line, 656 ft. - 5col Survival Supply
A 75 ft. Clamshell container of Spectra Ballistic Trip Line.
Ballistic Trip Line also makes excellent emergency cordage for compact survival kits, due to its high strength to weight ratio.
Ballistic Trip Line, 75 ft.
Technora is the ultimate survival cord. This braided Technora twine has a PTFE coating for enhanced abrasion and UV resistance.
A 50 ft. length of our Technora cord weighs less than one ounce. It's a great cord for survival kits, camping, guy lines, SERE, and emergency preparedness.
Technora Survival Cord, 50 ft.
Spectra Survival Cord is ideal for SERE applications, emergency preparedness, and survival kits. Our Spectra line has a black tracer yarn..
This 100 ft. hank of braided Spectra twine has a minimum break strength of 350 lbs.
Spectra Cord, 100 ft.
Braided Technora  cord with a 950 lb minium break strength.
This Technora Nine Fity Cord is small enough to fit your pocket, survival kit, or pack.
Technora 950 Cord, 40 ft.