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100 ft. of MIL-C-5040h/PIA-C-5040 Type III Parachute Cord in Foliage Green
Parachute Cord, MIL-C-5040h Type III (550) - 5col Survival Supply NSN: 4020-00-262-2147
MIL-M-18371E Mark 3 rescue signal mirrors use glass-coated wire mesh to create a fireball aiming effect.
The MIL-M-18371E Type II Mirror is roughly size of an iPhone.
Mirror, Emergency Signalling, Mark 3 NSN: 6350-01-455-6695
Wire Saw, Flexible, 16 in. - NSN 6515-00-296-2529 - The 5col Flex Saw is a critical cutting tool for any survival kit, escape & evasion kit, or SERE kit.
Wire Saw, Flexible, 16 Inches Long, NSN 6515-00-296-2529, available from 5col Survival Supply
Wire Saw, Flexible, 16 in. - NSN 6515-00-296-2529
The High Visibility Orange Spark-Lite Fire Starter Kit includes the spark tool and TinderQuik Tabs.
Brass Spark-Lite Fire Starter Kit has a replaceable flint and includes a replacement flint and tool for changing them out.
Spark-Lite Military Fire Starter Kit NSN: 1680-01-233-0061
Two pack of black Derma-Safe razors.
The Derma-Safe folding utility razor has an impact plastic handle.
Derma-Safe Folding Utility Razors NSN: 6515-01-363-1212
Olive Drab 100mph Duct Tape, NSN 7510-00-266-501
45mm x 55m 100mph duct tape, mil-spec, made in USA, Berry Compliant
Mil-Spec 100mph Tape, Olive Drab, 2 in. x 60 yds. NSN 7510-00-266-5016
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Military Individual First Aid Kits in Olive Drab pouches with ALICE clips.
OD IFAK containing more than 40 first aid kit components.
Individual First Aid Kit FA102C (Olive Drab) NSN: 6545-00-823-8165
Casualty Blanket, MIL-B-36964 Type 1, NSN 7210-00-935-6665 All-Weather Emergency Blanket.
The All Weather Emergency Blanket, made in USA, conforms to the MIL-B-36964 Type 1 military specification for Casualty Blankets.
Casualty Blanket, MIL-B-36964 Type 1, NSN 7210-00-935-6665
Tritium Lensatic Compass, Military Model 3H - Cammenga NSN: 6605-01-196-6971
6 in. Israeli Bandage, Back side.
Front side of 6 in. Israeli Bandage
Israeli Bandage Trauma Wound Dressing - PerSys Medical NSN 6510-01-460-0849
Blizzard Survival Bag (Green) vacuum sealed for easy carry and storage.
An orange Blizzard Survival Bag in use in extreme cold weather.
Blizzard Survival Bag - PerSys Medical NSN: 8465-99-958-4315
Speedhook Military Fishing Kit includes Speedhook, Fishing Line, Deyhdrated Bait, and Instructions.
A single Speedhook mechanism.
Speedhook Military Emergency Fishing Kit NSN 4220-01-379-5598