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Beth and I started this company in 2010.  At that time, we noticed a trend toward cheap, low-quality gear in survival kits.  This seems counter-intuitive to me. When your life is on the line, don't you want the best, most reliable equipment money can buy?  To that end, we committed ourselves to bringing you proven, reliable gear that will help you survive wilderness emergencies.  Some of this gear, like our military grade parachute cord, is unique to 5col Survival Supply and only available under our brand.

5col Survival Supply is based in Durham, North Carolina, and a number of our suppliers also call North Carolina home. There is a warm place in our heart for small businesses making things here in the States. We love discovering great items like the V3 Pocket Bellows or Derma-Safe Folding Utility Razors, both made by veteran-owned businesses here in the States. On occasion we do have to go outside the US to find the best gear.  For instance, our Wm. Smith & Son Sailmakers' Needles come from England, and our Original Auermetall Ferro Rod Blanks and AustriAlpin COBRA Quick-Release Buckles come from Austria. Our first priority is always quality.

We love to hear from our customers!  You're always welcome to call us at 919-439-5COL, or to email me: andy@5col.net. We are especially interested in your experiences using our gear.  Tell us what went right, and what went wrong. Whether your ordered from us or not, we encourage you to leave reviews on the individual product pages.  This will help other customers down the line.  Our goal is to sell products that keep people alive; sharing knowledge is an important part of achieving that goal.


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