Collection: Treatment

Micropur MP1 Water Treatment Tablets (20-pack). Active ingredient: Chlorine Dioxide.
Micropur MP1 water treatment tablets come individually sealed in strips of 10 tabs each.
Micropur MP1 Water Treatment Tablets - Katadyn
Whirl-Pak bags and Micropur tablets are manufactured in USA and Germany respectively for 5col survival supply.
Each bag holds one liter of water and weighs only 2 oz. when empty.
Survival Water Treatment Pack - 5col Survival Supply
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Iodine Drinking Water Treatment and Purification Tablets from Coghlan's. Similar to potable aqua.
Coghlan's Germicidal Drinking Water Treatment tablets are effective against giardia and more.
Drinking Water Tablets (Iodine) - Coghlan's
The Katadyn Hiker Water Microfilter system is effective against giardia and cryptosporidium.
Katadyn's Hiker has a pleated filter cartridge for effective water filtration.
Hiker Water Filter - Katadyn