Survival Water Treatment Pack - 5col Survival Supply

The ability to effectively treat drinking water can keep a bad situation from becoming much, much worse.  Our Survival Water Treatment Pack is designed to give you several days of water treatment capability in a compact package. Each pack includes three Whirl-Pak water storage bags and ten chlorine dioxide water treatment tablets. This gives you the ability to treat up to 3 liters of water simultaneously, refill your reservoir, and start treating the next 3 liters. That means you can maintain a steady supply of safe drinking water while you are busy with other survival tasks.


  • Chlorine Dioxide water treatment tablets are effective against Bacteria, Viruses, and Cysts, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
  • Includes three Whirl-Pak 36 oz. water storage bags with gusseted bottom and whirl closure and 10 chlorine dioxide water treatment tablets, individually packed in foil pouches.
  • Instructions are included with each pack.
  • Weighs less than 2 oz. and easily fits your pants pocket, hydration sleeve, kit bag, etc.
  • All components made in USA.

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