Collection: Hunt and Fish

Inside the ESEE Knives Mini Survival Kit, which fits an Altoids-sized tin.
Mini Survival Kit contents include a fishing kit, folding razor, snare wire, LED light, and mirror.
Mini Survival Kit - ESEE Knives
The 3-pack of Speedhooks is ideal for survival fishing and snare construction.
A single Speedhook, before it has been set.
Speedhook Fishing and Snare 3 Pack
Fishing Kit, Survival - MIL-F-6218, Assembled in USA and available from 5col Survival Supply
Showing the Shark Hooks, Regular Fishing Hooks, Treble Hooks, Sailmaker's Needles, Fishing Line, Lures, and more that are included in the 5col Fishing Kit, Survival, MIL-F-6218.
Fishing Kit, Survival, MIL-F-6218, NSN 4220-00-244-0764
Speedhook Military Fishing Kit includes Speedhook, Fishing Line, Deyhdrated Bait, and Instructions.
A single Speedhook mechanism.
Speedhook Military Emergency Fishing Kit NSN 4220-01-379-5598
BCB's Survival Fishing Kit includes hooks, sinkers, lures, line and winder.
The compact survival fishing kit from BCB International fits in your pocket or the palm of your hand.
Basic Survival Fishing Kit - BCB International
Speedhook Emergency Fishing & Snare Kit - 6 Pack!
Survival Fish Hook 2-Pack
Survival Fish Hook 2-Pack
Survival Fish Hook 2-Pack
Speedhook Emergency Fishing & Snare Kit - 12 Pack