• Hill People Gear 1 Qt Bottle Holsters with FREE Canteens

    FREE Canteen with Every Hill People Gear 1 qt Bottle Holster

  • ESEE Model 4 Plain Edge Knife

    The right tool for the job: ESEE Model 4 Plain Edge Knife

  • Survival Kits and Survival Kit Modules

    Survival Kits at 5col Survival Supply

  • 750 Paracord, conforms to MIL-C-5040h and PIA-C-5040 Type IV

    5col Survival Supply Mil-spec 750 Paracord: The best parachute cord anywhere.

  • Hill People Gear Tarahumara, Umlindi, Kits Bags & More

    Hill People Gear: Real use gear for backcountry travelers.

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750 Paracord (MIL-C-5040h Type 4) from $7.48
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Catahoula Manufacturing , Inc. Tarred Braided Nylon Bank Line from $9.99
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Finnish Gas Mask Bag (Military Surplus) $16.99
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Gift Card from $10.00
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Original Auermetall Firestarter (4" x .37") Treibacher Industrie of Austria from $11.99
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Polish Bread Bag (Military Surplus) $19.99
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SUMA Container Aluminum Survival Kit Box (Large) $72.99
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Survival Kit Core Module: Medical - SOLKOA Survival Systems $34.99
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Tinder-Quik Firestarting Tabs from $6.29
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Waterproof Cache Tubes with Caps: 5 Pack $10.00
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The V1 Original Pattern Waxed Canvas Kit Bag from Hill People Gear in Field Olive.
Waxed Canvas V1 Original Kit Bag - Hill People Gear $119.99
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Wm. Smith & Son Steel Sailmaker's Needles #13-19: 5 Pack $12.99
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