Rescue Whistle 4-pack - 5col Survival Supply

In a survival situation, signaling rescuers is one of your top priorities.  A good whistle, signal mirror, and marker panel are critically important for drawing the attention of search and rescue parties.  This 4-pack of high-visibility orange whistles are a great addition to any survival kit.  The pocket clip and lanyard hole make the rescue whistles easy to carry, and the simple design means they're easy to use by everyone from children to seniors.
  • One piece construction with lanyard hole and pocket clip for easy, no-fuss carry.
  • High Visibility Orange color makes them hard to lose and easy to find.
  • Ideal for Survival Kits, EDC, backpacking, camping, vehicles, etc.
  • Pealess design cannot be frozen.
  • Cannot be overblown.

Collections: Audible Signal, Signal

Type: Signal

Vendor: 5col Survival Supply

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