Collection: Flashlights and LEDs

Cejay Engineering Green SERE 70 LED Lighting System.
SERE 70 LED lighting systems are available in green, red, and white.
SERE 70 LED Lighting System - Cejay Engineering
Mk 10 LED Finger Light from Cejay Engineering, available in NVG green, white, or red.
NVG Green Mk 10 Finger Light from Cejay Engineering.
Mk10 Finger Light - Cejay Engineering
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White LED delivers 45 lumens across a 41 m beam.
Pocket clip allows easy wrapping around your hat or head.
Microstream Flashlight, Black with White LED - Streamlight
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The Neptune Venture Signal Light is manufactured in USA by Cejay Engineering. It requires one CR123 battery for 100 hours of use.
The Neptune Venture Signal Light from Cejay Engineering.
Neptune Venture Signal Light - Cejay Engineering