Collection: Navigation

ESEE's Compass Cards include 3 front and back instruction cards and 4 transparent map overlays.
Compass Cards - ESEE Knives
Tritium protractor compass manufactured in the USA by Cammenga. Ideal for backpacking, land navigation, and search and rescue.
This Baseplate Compass has US military NSN: 6605-01-625-2819, and features Tritium Micro Lights for day/night land navigation.
Destinate Tritium Protractor Compass - Cammenga NSN: 6605-01-625-2819
ESEE's Pocket Navigation Cards are attached to a Rite in the Rain micro notebook.
This is a compact set of navigation cards and waterproof notebook.
Pocket Navigation Cards - ESEE Knives
ESEE Knives Survival/Navigation Waterproof Notebook, designed by the Randall's Adventure & Training instructors.
Printed inside the covers of the Survival/Navigation waterproof notebook from ESEE Knives are navigation, survival, and escape and evasion tips and instructions.
Survival/Navigation Waterproof Notebook - ESEE Knives
Tritium Lensatic Compass, Military Model 3H - Cammenga NSN: 6605-01-196-6971
The Tritium Wrist Compass is easy to read and illuminated by Tritium Micro Lights.
Wristband is made of heavy duty nylon, ensuring it won't leave your wrist even in the most dire of situations.
Tritium Wrist Compass - Cammenga
UST Learn and Live Way Finding Cards Pocket How-To Guide with Photos