Ranger Bands - 5col Survival Supply

These heavy duty rubber bands were first developed by Army Rangers for use securing and silencing their gear. Originally, they cut the Ranger Bands from bicycle inner tubes.  We made them the same way, but always wanted something with more regular shape, size, and material than the throwaway tubes from the local bike shop. In 2018 we found an American factory that could make high quality rubber bands for us from EPDM rubber, and that is what's for sale here.  We have three sizes of Ranger Band available: small, medium, and large.


  • Small dimensions: 0.875 in. flattened length x 0.5 in. wide x 0.040 in. wall thickness
  • Medium dimensions: 1.5 in. flattened length x 0.5 in. wide x 0.040 in. wall thickness
  • Large dimensions: 2.5 in. flattened length x 0.5 in. wide x 0.062 in. wall thickness
  • EPDM rubber provides an excellent combination of durability and stretch.
  • Ranger Bands easily secure everything from your ferro rod to a lobster claw to extension cords.
  • Can be used as an emergency tinder product; each Ranger Band burns hot and bright for at least a minute.
  • Use Ranger Bands to silence clanking gear like dogtags.
  • Made in the USA; Berry Compliant.

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