Collection: Shelter

Casualty Blanket, MIL-B-36964 Type 1, NSN 7210-00-935-6665 All-Weather Emergency Blanket.
The All Weather Emergency Blanket, made in USA, conforms to the MIL-B-36964 Type 1 military specification for Casualty Blankets.
Casualty Blanket, MIL-B-36964 Type 1, NSN 7210-00-935-6665
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Blizzard Survival Blanket - PerSys Medical BPS-01 NSN: 6532-01-524-6932
The Blizzard Survival Blanket uses 3-layer Reflexcell technology to trap and retain body heat, preventing hypothermia.
Blizzard Survival Blanket - PerSys Medical NSN: 6532-01-524-6932
Blizzard Survival Bag (Green) vacuum sealed for easy carry and storage.
An orange Blizzard Survival Bag in use in extreme cold weather.
Blizzard Survival Bag - PerSys Medical NSN: 8465-99-958-4315
Blizzard Rescue Jacket in vacuum-sealed packaging.
The full-length Blizzard Rescue Jacket protects from hypothermia while still allowing mobility.
Blizzard Rescue Jacket - PerSys Medical
Blizzard IFAK Blanket (BPS47) from PerSys Medical is a specially designed emergency blanket that both insulates and reflects body heat.
PerSys Blizzard IFAK Blanket treats hypothermia and shock using ReflexCell technology to provide an insulative layer, in addition to the heat reflective metallized layer.
Blizzard IFAK Blanket - PerSys Medical
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The Blizzard Heat Casualty Blanket (BH-03) in High Visibility Orange.
The BH-01 Green Blizzard Heat Casualty Blanket from PerSys Medical.
Blizzard Heat Casualty Blanket - PerSys Medical
The Flat Pack EMS Blanket from Blizzard Survival.
The EMS Blanket from Blizzard Protection Systems uses 2-layer Reflexcell Technology to retain heat.
Blizzard EMS Blanket BPS-210 - PerSys Medical
Blizzard Protection Systems' Compact Blanket is an industry-leading hypothermia protection product.
The Compact Blanket is designed for storage in tight spaces like plate carriers, hydration sleeves.
Blizzard Compact Blanket - PerSys Medical
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The Blizzard AMB Blanket is able to stabilize victims of hypothermia while still outside of a hospital. Instructions are printed on the front of the packaging.
Blizzard AMB Blanket - PerSys Medical