Downloads Page

Thanks for visiting the 5col Survival Supply download page.  This page will hold a collection of free downloads that we have found valuable or helpful, and think you might as well.  While you're here on the site, we invite you to do some shopping for survival gear! Many of the items in the manuals below area available for sale here in the shop.

Air Force SERE Handbook (10-644), March 27, 2017

This is the most extensive SERE handbook we're aware of.  More than 600 pages of information, addressing every topic from the psychology of survival to edible plants.


Unit Conversions

This file was formerly Appendix B from NAVAIR Manual 13-1-6.5 (Rescue and Survival Equipment). It has every kind of unit conversion I can think of. If you need to convert bushels to liters, chains to inches, Drams to ounces, or hectares to acres, this is the file for you.  17 pages total, and useful to have downloaded and printed in case the lights go out.


First Aid (US Army TC 4-02.1), April 2016

Just like it says, this is the US Army First Aid manual from 2016.  The information in this manual is current.  We will watch for new editions to come out, and try to update as needed.  Many of the items listed in the manual are also available in the First Aid section of our site.


Kit Inspection Sheet

This a printable inventory sheet that helps you manage your Survival and First Aid Kit contents. 


Caching Techniques (US Army TC 31-29/A)

Techniques and considerations for caching supplies and equipment.