Collection: ESEE Knives

ESEE Knives manufactures top quality cutlery and survival gear.  5col Survival Supply is proud to be an authorized ESEE Knives Dealer.

While supplies last, get a free Olive Drab ESEE Patch with every ESEE order! No promo codes or additional items necessary; simply order one or more pieces of ESEE gear and we'll throw in a free patch when we ship.
ESEE Knives Model 3P Knife with plain edge, black finish, molded sheath and belt clip plate.
The ESEE 3P Knife with molded sheath, belt clip plate, and MOLLE back panel.
Model 3 Knife, Plain Edge - ESEE Knives
The Pocket Survival Kit from ESEE Knives contains 20 pieces of emergency gear.
ESEE's Pocket Survival Kit weighs less than a pound and is available in orange or olive drab.
Pocket Survival Kit - ESEE Knives
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The Imlay Search and Rescue Knife, from ESEE Knives.
Each Imlay Rescue Knife includes a molded polypro sheath with double retention system.
Imlay Rescue Knife and Sheath - ESEE Knives
The Izula II Knife from ESEE Knives includes sheath, belt clip plate, and hardware.
ESEE's Izula 2 Knife comes with a molded polypropylene sheath and belt clip plate plus hardware.
Izula II Knife and Sheath - ESEE Knives
ESEE Knives MOLLE Compatible Pouch and Mess Kit Tin for survival and first aid kits.
High visibility orange cordura PALS pouch and ESEE's aluminum survival kit tin.
Kit Tin and Pouch - ESEE Knives
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The ESEE Knives Survival Panel/Tarp is a high visibility orange signal panel and tarp rolled into one.
ESEE's Survival Tarp can be configured for use as a shelter, visible marker panel for signalling rescuers or marking a landing zone, gear hammock, or used as an improvised cushion filled with leaves and debris.
Survival Signal Panel/Tarp - ESEE Knives
Inside the ESEE Knives Mini Survival Kit, which fits an Altoids-sized tin.
Mini Survival Kit contents include a fishing kit, folding razor, snare wire, LED light, and mirror.
Mini Survival Kit - ESEE Knives
ESEE Knives Large Kit Tin Pouch for mess tin survival kit. MOLLE Compatible Cordura construction.
Olive Drab Kit Tin Pouch from ESEE Knives.  MOLLE straps for use with PALS Grids and modular gear.
Kit Pouch - ESEE Knives
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The Fire Steel from ESEE Knives is a striker for ferro rods and flint, as well as a bow drill socket for friction fire starting.
ESEE's Fire Steel flint/ferro rod striker and bearing block is crafted from 1095 carbon steel and comes in a storage tin with hinged lid.
Fire Steel Kit - ESEE Knives
Cordura MOLLE Back Panel for ESEE Knives Model 3 and 4 Knife Sheath.
The MOLLE Back Panel for ESEE's Model 3 and Model 4 Knives allows users to attach the sheath to PALS grids.
MOLLE Back Panel for Model 3 & 4 Sheaths - ESEE Knives
The Kit Tin from ESEE Knives is designed as a survival kit and first aid kit container, and also functions as a mess tin.
ESEE Knives' Kit Tin lid is embossed with the Randall's Adventure & Training Logo.
Survival Kit Container/Mess Tin - ESEE Knives
ESEE Knives Pocket Navigation Notebook with transparent map overlays and waterproof paper.
ESEE included a notepad full of waterproof paper with their pocket navigation cards.
Pocket Navigation Cards - ESEE Knives