Collection: ESEE Knives

ESEE Knives manufactures top quality cutlery and survival gear.  5col Survival Supply is proud to be an authorized ESEE Knives Dealer.

While supplies last, get a free Olive Drab ESEE Patch with every ESEE order! No promo codes or additional items necessary; simply order one or more pieces of ESEE gear and we'll throw in a free patch when we ship.
ESEE Knives Pocket Navigation Notebook with transparent map overlays and waterproof paper.
ESEE included a notepad full of waterproof paper with their pocket navigation cards.
Pocket Navigation Cards - ESEE Knives
ESEE Knives Survival/Navigation Waterproof Notebook, designed by the Randall's Adventure & Training instructors.
Printed inside the covers of the Survival/Navigation waterproof notebook from ESEE Knives are navigation, survival, and escape and evasion tips and instructions.
Survival/Navigation Waterproof Notebook - ESEE Knives
ESEE's Compass Cards include 3 front and back instruction cards and 4 transparent map overlays.
Compass Cards - ESEE Knives