Collection: Gift Ideas Under $20

Shop 5col Survival Supply for Survival and Bushcraft Gifts under $20.
Our Big Mix includes 5 small, 5 medium, 5 large, 5 XL, 5 XXL and 5 Jumbo Ranger Bands.
Large Ranger Bands from 5col Survival Supply
Skog Bands, EPDM Rubber - 5col Survival Supply
Parachute Chord is made in USA and is Berry compliant.
Type 3 Parachute Chord in black.
Parachute Cord, MIL-C-5040h Type III (550) - 5col Survival Supply NSN: 4020-00-262-2147
#36 Bank Line, tarred & braided, made in the USA, comes in 1/4 lb spools from Catahoula Manufacturing of Jonesville, Lousiana.
Tarred Braided #12 Bank Line, 1/4 lb. Spool, American-made twine for decoys, trot lines, jug lines, nets, seines, fishing, survival, and Bushcraft.
Bank Line, Tarred Braided - Catahoula Manufacturing, Inc.
Type 4 Parachute Chord is made in USA and is Berry compliant.
Parachute chord comes in a variety of colors and sizes.
Parachute Cord, MIL-C-5040h Type IV (750) - 5col Survival Supply
Tarred Twisted #12 Bank Line from Catahoula Manufacturing, available here on a 1/4 lb spool.
5col Survival Supply is proud to sell #36 Tarred Twisted nylon bank line on 1/4 spools.
Bank Line, Tarred Twisted - Catahoula Manufacturing, Inc.
The Original Auermetall ferro rods are manufactured by Treibacher Industrie AG in Austria, the best ferro rod makers in the business.
Each ferro rod is lacquer coated to prevent oxidization.
Original Auermetall Firestarter (4 in. x 3/8 in.) Treibacher Industrie of Austria
TinderQuik treated compressed cotton tinder tabs from 5col Survival Supply
50 TinderQuik compressed cotton tinder tabs from 5col Survival Supply weigh just 2 oz.
TinderQuik Fire Starting Tabs - 5col Survival Supply
Type 5 Kevlar Parachute Cord has a 500 pound minimum break strength.
Kevlar Parachute Cord conforms to the MIL-C-87129A specification.
Kevlar Parachute Cord, MIL-C-87129A
Cache Tubes from 5col Survival Supply are waterproof airtight storage containers made from soda bottle preforms with tamper-evident caps.
Cache Tube 5-pack with Screw Cap Closures from 5col Survival Supply are great for storing small items in your survival kit.
Cache Tube 5-pack - 5col Survival Supply
The Pocket Bellows from Epiphany Outdoor Gear with included storage tube.
EOG's Pocket Bellows is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand when collapsed.
V3 Pocket Bellows - Epiphany Outdoor Gear
Fresnel Lens Magnifier Fire Starters from 5col Survival Supply are sold in packs of four.
Credit card sized fresnel magnifying lenses easily fit your wallet, purse, Altoids tin, or survival kit.
Fresnel Lens Magnifier Firestarter 4-pack - 5col Survival Supply
Tan and Black cotton Shemagh from Red Rock Outdoor Gear.
A Red Rock Outdoor Gear Olive Drab/Black shemagh, 42 in. x 42 in., 100% cotton.
Shemagh, 100% Cotton Scarf - Red Rock Outdoor Gear