Shop Survival Gear by NSN

As a convenience for customers shopping for items by NSN (National Stock Number or NATO Stock Number, depending on where you are), we have put together this master list of military survival items available from 5col Survival Supply.  Military Specification Numbers will also be listed, where applicable.

6260-01-334-4274 Light, Chemiluminescent (Cyalume SOS)

6260-01-086-8077 Light, Chemiluminescent (Cyalume PML)

1680-01-233-0061 Fire Starter, Aviation (Spark-Lite, Olive Drab)

6350-01-455-6695 Mirror, Emergency Signaling, Type I, 2 in. x 3 in. (MIL-M-18371E Mark 3)

6350-01-455-6671 Mirror, Emergency Signaling, Type II, 3 in. x 5 in. (MIL-M-18371E Mark 3)

6510-01-460-0849 Bandage Kit, Elastic, 4 in. (Israeli Emergency Bandage)

6510-01-492-2275 Bandage Kit, Elastic, 6 in.  (Israeli Emergency Bandage)

6510-01-532-6656 Bandage Kit, Elastic, 8 in.  (Israeli Emergency Bandage)

6532-01-524-6932 Blanket, Survival, Blizzard Pack, OD Green (Olive Drab Blizzard Survival Blanket)

7210-99-958-4316 Blanket, Survival, Blizzard Pack, Orange (Orange Blizzard Survival Blanket)

8465-99-433-4810 Sleeping Bag, OD Green (Olive Drab Blizzard Survival Bag)

8465-99-958-4315 Sleeping Bag, Orange (Orange Blizzard Survival Bag)

7510-00-266-5016 Tape, Pressure Sensitive, Adhesive (100mph Tape, Olive Drab)

4220-01-379-5598 Emergency Fishing Kit (Speedhook Military Fishing Kit)

1095-01-518-6877 Strap Knife, Combat (ASEK Strap Cutter)

6515-01-363-1212 Razor, Surgical Preparation (MIL-R-365408 Derma-Safe Utility Knife)

6515-01-587-9943 Tourniquet, Nonpneumatic (SOFTT-W Tourniquet, TacMed Solutions)