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Blizzard Survival Bag (Green) vacuum sealed for easy carry and storage.
An orange Blizzard Survival Bag in use in extreme cold weather.
Blizzard Survival Bag - PerSys Medical NSN: 8465-99-958-4315
Speedhook Military Fishing Kit includes Speedhook, Fishing Line, Deyhdrated Bait, and Instructions.
A single Speedhook mechanism.
Speedhook Military Emergency Fishing Kit NSN 4220-01-379-5598
Casualty Blanket, MIL-B-36964 Type 2, NSN 7210-00-935-6666 from 5col Survival Supply. Made in USA.
This American-made olive drab emergency blanket fits in the palm of your hand and is designed to protect against hypothermia, hyperthermia, and shock.
Casualty Blanket, MIL-B-36964 Type 2, NSN 7210-00-935-6666
Survival Ration Packet, General Purpose NSN: 8970-00-082-5665
Survival Ration Packet, General Purpose NSN: 8970-00-082-5665
Survival Ration Packet, General Purpose NSN: 8970-00-082-5665
Fishing Kit, Survival - MIL-F-6218, Assembled in USA and available from 5col Survival Supply
Showing the Shark Hooks, Regular Fishing Hooks, Treble Hooks, Sailmaker's Needles, Fishing Line, Lures, and more that are included in the 5col Fishing Kit, Survival, MIL-F-6218.
Fishing Kit, Survival, MIL-F-6218, NSN 4220-00-244-0764
The New SOF Tourniquet from TacMed Solutions
Each SOF Tourniquet has a stitched-in Slack Indicator Wedge.
SOF Tourniquet - TacMed Solutions NSN: 6515-01-696-4522
BCB FireDragon solid fuel uses gelled ethanol for an odorless, clean-burning fire starting or stove fuel.
BCB International's FireDragon solid fuel is approved for military use. NSN 9110-99-426-2694. They work great for starting fires, cooking, starting charcoal grills, and more.
FireDragon Solid Fuel Blocks, 6 x 27g - BCB International NSN: 9110-99-426-2694
Olaes Modular Bandage, 4 in., Flat Pack from Tactical Medical Solutions.
Each TacMed Olaes Bandage is printed with instructions for fast first aid application.
Olaes Modular Bandage - Tactical Medical Solutions NSN: 6510-01-631-7893
Air Force Survival Knife 499 from Ontario Knife Company, conforms to military specification MIL-K-8662e Specification. NSN: 7340-00-098-4327
Each US Air Force Pilot Survival Knife (Model 499) comes with a metal-tipped leather sheath with belt loop and sharpening stone.
Air Force Survival Knife Model 499 - Ontario Knife Company NSN: 7340-00-098-4327
Tritium protractor compass manufactured in the USA by Cammenga. Ideal for backpacking, land navigation, and search and rescue.
This Baseplate Compass has US military NSN: 6605-01-625-2819, and features Tritium Micro Lights for day/night land navigation.
Destinate Tritium Protractor Compass - Cammenga NSN: 6605-01-625-2819
Drinking water storage bag able to hold up to 5 quarts of water. Intended for use in aerial or naval situations.
Roll-top closure ensures no leaking while belt loop allows for easy transportation.
Bag, Storage, Drinking Water, 5 qt - MIL-B-8571D Size A NSN: 8465-00-485-3034
USGI Insect Headnet and Mittens NSN: 8415-01-192-2357
This Mosquito Head Net and Mittens are manadatory issue for many aviation survival kits in the US military and Alaskan and Canadian civil aviation guidelines.
Mosquito Headnet and Mittens NSN: 8415-01-192-2357